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Last year we updated our template.  We expected only improvements, but I was very dismayed to find one thing significantly worse. With the old template, when I used the link feature, all previously used URL's  would show up in a list below the box.  In most cases, unless it was a completely new and never used URL, I could simply scroll down and highlight the URL I had used before and it would automatically be put in the URL box.  That was such a valued feature and I am very unhappy that the new version does not have that feature.  Please, please, please add it back in. (I just had a chat with a helper who confirmed this feature no longer exists with the "new and improved" templates.)  This is NOT an improvement! Please add it back in!  Thanks so much! Beth Drucker, Go Green Wilmette

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Hi @BethD215 this is a great feature request we would be happy to track! In fact I have opened this idea up so other users can weigh in as well.

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