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When trying to upload and insert an image into a message, all the images in our picture folder were uploaded rather than only the one I wanted to work with. Thus I had to review 200)+ images to find the one I wanted to insert. This appears new to me. In past situations I was able to upload and insert a jpg without searching the entire folder for it.
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 Hi @PiperW,


Thanks for the feedback. Can you help us understand the issue by providing us with some more information? Is it that you are uploading a single image in your email, but it is not appearing in your library as an image you can select? Or are there multiple images being uploaded and you would like to see an easier way to find these?


As far as easily finding the most recently uploaded image, there is an option to sort "New to Old" when selecting an image to insert into your email. This will sort your images by the one that was most recently uploaded.


We hope this is helpful!

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Since we haven't heard back this idea is being closed. Please comment or add a new idea if you are still having trouble!

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