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I would like to see you add the Instagram Icon to Social Media Facebook, Twitter and most all others are there. I have to create a link to have my customer follow us on Instagram


(I searched and did not find any topics/questions on this issue.)


Wondering why Instagram is not available as a button/link option under the Social menu? It's been around longer than Pinterest and has twice as many users, yet Pinterest is a standard option and Instagram is not. It seems like there could only be a technical reason to exclude it. Really odd that we have to manually insert image and link for one of the largest social media platforms.


To be clear, I'm talking about the Social menu where we can insert various links to promote our own social media accounts (screen cap attached), not the social share bar.



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Hi Laurel,

Thanks for your feedback on this. We are always looking for ways to improve and add requested features to the product. I am happy to pass along your ideas and thoughts on this. I know it is not ideal, but the button can be inserted as a clickable image. Instagram offers several image choices right on their site and you could pull into your email. You would just want to make the image clickable to your instagram profile. 


Thanks for posting,

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I also think this is extremely important - Instagram is much more popular than some of the other buttons with my customer base and is very business-friendly...allows people to share on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. just by clicking a button. Social media marketing = done.

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I agree!  Let's please make this option available and convenient.  Every email we send out has our social medias listed. instagram, being our most popular also needs to be listed. Thanks!


Thank you both for your feedback. I have passed it on to our developers. As Hannah suggested in the above post, you can always find the image you want to use for Instagram, upload it to your Library, and then link it to your Instagram account.




I am trying to include a picture and attach a link but I can't get it to line up with the rest of the shortcuts. How do I fix this?

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The best way to get icon to line up evenly is by inserting a table and the dropping the images in the table.  If you do not know how to insert a table, click here for instructions.  




It doesn't line up even in a table. We're always having to re-arrange the logos into some kind of pyramid shape. 


HI Tracy,


The reason why you're having issues is because your image for Instagram was uploaded instead of being one that we have in the accounts by default.


I had my specialists take a look in the T2 copy of your email and they were able to remove all the vspace from the instagram image and add 1 vspace to the Facebook and Twitter images. Now they line up.


I hope that helps and made sense!


Any questions, let us know!


What size (pixels) does the Instagram image need to be? I want to upload one to my library and link it to my business's account like you suggest here, but I want it to be uniform to the others.


Hi there,


You'll want the Instagram photo to be 22 X 22 pixels to match the others. 




I hope that helps!


decrease the padding


Agreed, this needs to be added to the lineup of social media buttons.


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It's been about a year since this was first brought up.  I see that Constant Contact sees the value and importance of Instragam and there are many blogs on Constant Contact about it so I'm pretty suprised that after all this time what seems to be a pretty simple fix/addition hasn't been addressed yet. 



Thanks for sharing this feedback!

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Still waiting for the Instagram Button...:smileysad:


Hi Michael!


I know. :frown: I'm so sorry the Instagram button is still not an option. I am more than happy to pass the feedback on. Hopefully we can get it added soon!


I agree with everyone here. Can't you guys just make an Instagram tag? I just spent a ridiculous amoiunt of time making a table and lining everything up, geting it to the right size and it still isn't completely lined up. Ity just makes it look unprofessional. 


Hi Tracey.


I can assure you this is something that a lot of people have been wanting to see. We are constantly tracking the feedback and directing it to the appropriate parties. I'm so sorry that you spent a lot of time trying to line everything up and sizing it correctly. I know that this must be frustrating. You can leave your feedback on this in our Email Marketing Feedback area. I apologize in the mean time for the trouble this causes you. 

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Yes, please add the instagram icon, we would love to be able to add this so all of our social media pages are represented!

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