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You have cut out a lot of template choices. One I found that was perfect, I couldn't use because there was a "hard-wired" block in it. I may have to find a new service. I am disappointed in your choices.
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Hi @zlinder,


Thanks for sharing your feedback about our template selection. We have implemented a new editing experience that has a new variety of templates that I think you may find helpful. If you are interested in trying our new editor, please let me know and I will send you a personal message with some more information!

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Hi Ariana,


Yes, I would very much appreciate that. I am trying to figure out my next move.


Thanks for the quick reply @zlinder


I just sent you a private message with more info.

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You call this an IMPLEMENTED idea????

What you've implemented is, once again, much worse than what you had before!!!!

AAAGH! Why do you keep doing this??


Hello again @DougS873,


Sorry for the confusion here. This thread is listed in "Closed - No Action" status. What has been "implemented" is our new editing experience, which has a new variety of templates.


If you're interested in trying our new editing experience as well, please reply back and let me know and I would be happy to move you to the same experience!