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Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Is there a way to create a landing page that is customizable (similar to an email) that is not a sign up form? When I click on "landing pages and more" it automatically prompts me to begin building a sign up form. I'm looking for pages that can link to specific email campaigns and be updated and republished with the direct link remaining the same. Thanks!
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Hello @Molly-Smith,


Thank you for bringing this up, this is great feedback. To better track your request, would you be able to elaborate on what you would use these landing pages for specifically?

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So for recurring elements of an email newsletter or campaign, a user can click to "read more" and be directed to a landing page with more detailed information or a feature. For instance, we have a newsletter that goes out monthly that has topical information, but also features a lengthy "heartwarmer" story to share with fellow counselors. Creating a landing page to house that so that the original email does not become bogged down with text. I know this is a feature that some other email systems offer (i.e. Emma). We create the landing page and can republish it with that month's feature, without changing the direct link in the template of our email campaign. 


Here's an example of what I mean: 

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Thank you @Molly-Smith,


I agree this would be a great feature to have and have opened this for voting.

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Thanks Beatriz! I'm not familiar with the voting process, what exactly does that mean?

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Hey @Molly-Smith,


Now that your request is in voting, others can view it and click the 'thumbs up' to vote, or comment on the idea! We use these posts and forums to pass along feedback to our engineers when implementing new features in our product.

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How can end users vote on this?  My question is the same.  I have built a landing page through leadpages and love it, but like the email/drip functionality of Constant Contact.  The trick is connecting them.  The options are... 1. use Zapier to connect LeadPages and the leads that derive from that page that allows me to have one URL with multiple Call to Actions on it and is a constant landing page (hence the term LANDING page) .. connected to Constant Contact's drip marketing system instead of using drip, LeadPages parent company...  

2. Create a page on my website and use Constant Contact's "landing page" (actually a form with a url) that is connected to CC's drip marketing system.

It would be great if I could create an actual, customizable landing page with the cc forms embedded on the page.  I will figure out my workaround...  but wanted to vote on this.  


Constant Contact should have its only "create landing page category" by now. There should not be a need to find third party features and pay extra.


Hi there, has this been worked out yet? We were just sold this based on the fact that we can create landing pages. 


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It hasn't been worked out to my knowledge... I think it needs "up votes" in order for it to gain momentum and have them work on it?


I upvoted with a year's worth of subscription $$.  Thanks for the reply :smileyface: 


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This should be a no brainer.

Get with the times Constant Contact.

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I'm confused as to why a landing page feature needs to be voted on. Like someone else said, this is a no-brainer, Constant Contact (CC), get with the times! I left CC about a year ago after about 10 years of usage, partially because of this. I really like CC so came back to see if they offer landing pages yet. The sad answer is no--unless I'm missing something. Please tell me if I am. 


I upvoted this. Why doesnt CC have this feature? How many votes does it take for the dev team to realize their customers will switch to a competitor? I worked on MailChimp at a startup before and it has this feature. Then I joined a company that uses Constant Contact. Instead of switching them over to MailChimp I thought i'd give CC a try. I guess i'll have to go back to the chimp.


The lack of this feature has me currently looking at migrating our system to Mail Chimp. We have a lot of information we want our readers to be able to "read more" about so it's not bogged into the email. We want to track it. We don't want it on our website as we are in the middle of shifting that as well. I LOVE this feature with MailChimp. C'mon CC!

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Adding my voice here - I'd like to see this feature as well. The sooner, the better.