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Line Spacing

Line Spacing

I usually use and modify a template for my campaigns. I'm having a real issue with line spacing this time. Everything looks double spaced, even within a paragraph and it's unprofessional, let alone unsophisticated looking. Am I missing something? I've tried adjusting font sizes, in case there's something there, and even using different fonts, but nothing is helping. Yuck.....

Status changed to: Coming Soon

With the recent update to the backend of the Third Generation Email editor this feature will be available soon! We will post when it is released. 

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Line spacing is way  too small and I'd like to be able to edit that on my emails. Please at the update in soon!!

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Please add a function that allows paying customers the freedom to add spacing between lines. Thank you,
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Line spacing should change with font size change! If I edit the font size from 16 to 8, the font changes but the line spacing stays at 16, this is so wrong.
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Suggestion for future development:

Provide an option for line spacing (leading) for body text. The current single spacing looks crowded and I'd love to have some control over this.

Thank you for your consideration. 

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Please update the line spacing issue sooner than later.  It's very hard to work with when you can't adjust the line spacing between lines.


I consistently have trouble with line spacing, currently in regards to bulleted/numbered lists. There is no way to add spacing after each list item, so they are all running together and it looks like a huge mess. If I try to number them manually, it either autocorrects the format and re-starts the numbering (so I have a whole list of 1.'s), or I lose the clean indented formatting. I am surprised that it has not already been fixed.

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The inability to change line spacing when changing font size is a deal breaker.  It's so basic I can't see why it was ignored.  In the old editor the ability to "clear styles" helped in this area.  Without that the editor virtually useless.

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This feature is so basic it's hard to imagine not offering it in the new editor.

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I'm having the same issue. Not being able to control spacing (and having everything double spaced) is a BIG problem. I'm also unable to add a caption to photos, so I inserted a text box where I want the caption - but the spacing makes it look ridiculous.