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I usually use and modify a template for my campaigns. I'm having a real issue with line spacing this time. Everything looks double spaced, even within a paragraph and it's unprofessional, let alone unsophisticated looking. Am I missing something? I've tried adjusting font sizes, in case there's something there, and even using different fonts, but nothing is helping. Yuck.....

Status changed to: Coming Soon

With the recent update to the backend of the Third Generation Email editor this feature will be available soon! We will post when it is released. 


Line spacing is way  too small and I'd like to be able to edit that on my emails. Please at the update in soon!!

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Please add a function that allows paying customers the freedom to add spacing between lines. Thank you,
Line spacing should change with font size change! If I edit the font size from 16 to 8, the font changes but the line spacing stays at 16, this is so wrong.

Suggestion for future development:

Provide an option for line spacing (leading) for body text. The current single spacing looks crowded and I'd love to have some control over this.

Thank you for your consideration. 

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Please update the line spacing issue sooner than later.  It's very hard to work with when you can't adjust the line spacing between lines.

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I consistently have trouble with line spacing, currently in regards to bulleted/numbered lists. There is no way to add spacing after each list item, so they are all running together and it looks like a huge mess. If I try to number them manually, it either autocorrects the format and re-starts the numbering (so I have a whole list of 1.'s), or I lose the clean indented formatting. I am surprised that it has not already been fixed.

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The inability to change line spacing when changing font size is a deal breaker.  It's so basic I can't see why it was ignored.  In the old editor the ability to "clear styles" helped in this area.  Without that the editor virtually useless.

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This feature is so basic it's hard to imagine not offering it in the new editor.


I'm having the same issue. Not being able to control spacing (and having everything double spaced) is a BIG problem. I'm also unable to add a caption to photos, so I inserted a text box where I want the caption - but the spacing makes it look ridiculous. 



I was editing a campaign.  The paragraphs contained different line spacing.  The first customer service person told me that I had to click and drag the single space icon over the highlighted text.  Whoa!  How could I possibly figure out which icon she was talking about simply by looking at the icons.  Icons should be intuitive and follow industry standards.  Wouldn't it be simpler to incorporate this function into the pop-up editing bar? 


For example, when you highlight text, you can underline it, bold it, etc.  Why not incorporate spacing into the edit bar?  It would get rid a lot of unnecessary icons.  You don't need to reinvent text editors.

I was trying to change the line spacing of an email to improve its readability when I spoke to one of your customer service reps and was disappointed to learn that the “Html View” option was removed from the "New Editor". As a Web/Marketing Manager, I found to find this feature incredibly helpful in the past when customizing projects. I find this particularly frustrating as we are an "Email Plus" subscriber, paying a significant amount each month, as I hoped it would allow us to ability to have more freedom with customization. I hope this is an update you will prioritize in the near future. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Please, make it possible to adjust the line spacing of text. Some fonts have very small line spacing and it really impairs the design and readability.

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Just another frustrated customer wanting to be able to adjust line spacing.

I see you've been promising it for quite some time now. Surely it's a basic function?



Am very sad to see that this has still not been resolved. 

We have bought the full package where we can track customers reactions etc... but really unable to use it and are having to create graphics as a work around... seriously guys this is really bad practice and I would like someone to respond to give us a fixed date of when either the issue will be fixed or you give us HTML editing options.


We have used you for so many years and if this issue isn't resolved, I think you will lose not just us as a customer but lots more... we are already reviewing other products on the market as this is a show stopper for us.

Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

Great News!

We have added new line height options to our text editor!
To see how to use it, check out this article:

Thank you again for the feedback!


3GE Line Height3GE Line Height


Has this issue been resolved? I keep going back and making adjustments to my design and each time I send a test message there are different space issues. This should have a simple solve? Did anyone get the answer? Thank you. I need to present this to my boss as a new newsletter and I cannot have it looking shoddy. 


Hi @SarahF2122


We apologize for the experience you're having with the spacing on your text. This thread was originally focused on having the ability to control line spacing, which is a feature that users do have in their email campaigns. With that said, what exactly are you experiencing?

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