Make TEST emails more obvious

Receivers of test emails are always overlooking the test emails because they are not obvious enough. If Constant Contact would automatically put the word "test" in big letter in the subject line of every test email, then receivers would not overlook it. 

Status changed to: Voting Open

Thanks for the feedback @NeilE53.

Currently there is a red paragraph added to the footer of every test email to let the recipient know that it is a test email, but I can see how you would want it in the subject line. Please check back here for updates as we open this idea for voting!

Occasional Participant

That's not enough. Directors who are busy won't notice that or the tiny sliver of text on top. The test text area needs to be a lot more conspicuous and support basic formatting.


I think there should be options we can select for the reason we're sending a test email, for example if the subject line automatically included something like "PROOFREAD" or "CHECK FORMATTING" the people I send test emails to would be able to differentiate the test emails from a sent campaign.  That way they would also know if they need to send feedback back to me or not.  Putting the "This is a test email only" thing at the bottom in red text is very inefficient, as the guys I send to rarely ever scroll that far down. 

Super Participant

Maybe there could be a really noticeable emoji along with the word TEST in the subject line.

Mailchimp puts the word TEST in brackets but frankly it is still not all that noticeable.

Real Estate

AGREED!! I manually type "TEST" before my actual subject line before sending a test message but then have to remember to take it out before scheduling email. It would be MUCH better if CC could actually prepend the Subject line with the word "TEST" to make it more obvious.

A solid red bar at the immediate start of the email would suffice as well. You know, TEST - FOR PROOFREADING - EMAIL STARTS BELOW type of thing.

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