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Make the Unsubscribe sentence bilingual

Make the Unsubscribe sentence bilingual

Hello Constant Contact,

I love that the Unsubscribe sentence is hardwired into your template. However, it would be even better for Canada if it was bilingual in French and English, or if there was a way to choose a French option for this.

Thank you!


Status changed to: Voting Open
Occasional Contributor

I would like to be able to have a bilingual message also, but Spanish would be the second language I would choose, so this is a great idea as long as we can select the language. It truly is a pain to have to change the account settings when you send a mailing in another language.

Or make it optional dependent of the receivers langauge...

Occasional Organizer

Agreed - language choice has big impact. Not having the it be bilingual or at least in French may actually be a legal issue if sent to addresses in Quebec.