Manually choose A/B Test winner

Manually choose A/B Test winner

It would be useful to be able to interrupt the a/b test and select a winner at will, instead of having to wait for the test to complete (which lasts at least 6hrs).


There are a few reasons for this:

1) One of the tests might show to be much better very quickly

2) One of the tests might have slightly less opens, but a significantly better CTR

When choosing a winner, the unsent portion would be sent immediately. 


Button example:

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@DavidC8737 Thank you for the great feedback and examples of why this would be a good feature.  I have opened your idea for voting.

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Excellent, thanks!

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I agree with this - depending on the email or the user, click rate can be more crucial than open rate. 

Also, it would be helpful to be able to specify different preheaders in the A/B test in addition to just subject line.