Many changes. No "heads-up".

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... and changes not tested before release. Nothing made things easier for me. But many things made things more difficult for me.


It is taking me 10 times longer to do a newsletter now. I've done 5 a week for several years. So I do know what I'm doing.


And what I'm going now is trying to navigate a big mess.


Hi @PjSchott


We're always open to ways we can better our user's experience and welcome any feedback you may have! With that said, what about the updates we have made makes working in your account more difficult? Any specific examples you can share is important information for us to have.

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Real users should have been given the opportunity to use your product in a production environment to uncover any bugs or issues BEFORE A GENERAL RELEASE.


Obvious there was NO FINAL ROUND OF TESTING before you released your product to a wide audience.


I get paid well to provide usability services to my clients. Have no time to provide these services to you pro bono.


I will just keep struggling until you get it right.


I can tell you: You should NOT have released these changes without at least giving us a heads up. AND... explaining the changes you made. AND... how to use new features.


The first thing I noticed is that much of the formatting in my 5 templates disappeared (e.g., color, text blocks).


Instead of the 3 hours it usually takes me to format a briefing, it took me 6 hours. Since I do 5 newsletters a week, next week is going to be a very long one.

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