Members Share Their Products and Services With One Another?

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Just wondering as a Constant Contact customer/ member if it were possible to let all new customers for CC know of other businesses that have signed up with CC? They may want to do business with another CC member and that might also give each business the opportunity to offer a CC discount to other member businesses for doing business with one another? I'm Lawrence Black the founder of Please Help Me Save The World Clothing Company which is an inspirational and spiritual themed apparel website. IE: T-Shirts, polos, hats, hoodies, work shirts and the like. My website is:  12/1/18  

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Hey @LawrenceB631, thanks for your feedback! We don't currently provide a list of companies that use Constant Contact as that would breach their privacy. I am going to open this idea for voting though, as if companies would like to provide this information to the community, this could be a cool idea. 


Thanks again for your feedback and ideas!

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