Missing Features On Updated Email Newsletter Templates

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The new way to build and design emails is absolutely terrible. You need to go back to the old way of letting us create them. When viewing the email in a smart device view the pictures all all different sizes. It looks like a total unprofessional mess. You need to figure something out because I am going to look else where. Emails no longer offer a link to insert into the email to view in a browser. Look how terrible this looks, I struggled to get my social media links to look the same size and it is not possible. https://myemail.constantcontact.com/St-Andrew-s-Day.html?soid=1103773562139&aid=_FI-7K5E20g

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Hi @UKGourmet thanks for sharing this feedback with us! We're always open to ways we can better our user's experience. With that said our mobile responsive templates cause images uploaded at a large size to resize and fit the screen full width.  To help stop this from happening users can resizing images outside of Constant Contact to be 150-200 px wide and upload this more manageable size into your Library.


Where in your email campaign are you looking for the option to include a view in web browser link? How would you expect to add this option? Currently users can add their view as webpage link while working in a content block. As for your social media link sizes, how does our social media action block not fit your needs to include these pages through matching sized icons?

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