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With this day and age, I would think that most people check their emails from their mobile phone. Your system does not allow to add a href for a phone number example: (333) 444-5555 I get an invalid url error and it will not let me save my changes. Please let me know if you update your system in the future. Thank you!

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It would be nice to add a button in the mobile friendly newsletter so that people can call you directly by just tapping that button. Must be possible, think I have seen it elsewhere...
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Thanks for your feedback! If you input a phone number in a regular text area, some email inboxes will automatically convert the number into a clickable link (iPhones will do this).

There is currently no way to "link" text to make a phone call. With so many emails being read on mobile, a sender should have the option to create a button that says "Call Now"...when clicked the number would auto-dial or appear "ready-to-dial" on a mobile device, much like Google Ads. Buttons are known to engage readers more than text. The addition of this function would likely increase customer interaction.

When working on a mobile template, it would be nice to have a guaranteed way to make phone numbers work as dialable links in the email. Please consider having an option to "insert dialable phone number" hyper link available to the user when working on the emails. Please see my attached images to see where this could be done.


I am suggesting this as it is difficult to get the option to work correctly across all available options. For instance, those who are working on fully custom HTML or XHTML it works , but NOT within your builtin editors on your mobile templates.




Thank you very much for your consideration.

Eric Henao

Encon Safety Products

Consulting & Training




Now that we're more-less using the mobile friendly templates, I think it would be great that the recievers should be able to click on my phone # and it should automatically dial. or the sender should have an option to create a botton, "call now" 

Your support has always been A+++++ Your new system SUCKS... Took me 5 mins to talk to someone!
Is it possible to add a link to a phone number for people to call directly from their mobile device?

 Agree! This should be a feature.


This would be great!

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I second this feature.


I would like to track people who call from the email, most smart phones do turn the number into a phone # link but this is not happening when I recieve the email on my smart phone plus this isn't trackable. Our event attendees can only call to register, would love to add a "hot button" option to the email.

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Constant Contact would be more useful, if the emails could enter a call me button!

Yes please add ASAP it's crazy that we can't do this.


Yes for the love of all that is holy, add a Tap to Call option please.


Please enable this feature. Or at least make it possible to add custom HTML within the simple/visual editor. Thank you. 

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I would also love to see this feature available.

We also wish to use a Button as a way to contact us by Phone and tried using the following code:


Sadly ConstantContact is restricting us from using this code.

We then tried to add custom HTML using code like this:

<a href="tel:+555-555-5555" class="button">555-555-5555</a>

Though since the latest upgrade to your visual editor the HTML option is no longer available.

Is there any plan to add the ability to edit HTML in the Visual Editor like it was available in the past?

I am aware we can do custom code from scratch as shown here though we have already created a template so unless we can extract the HTML from the existing template we need to continue using the Visual Editor.


Looking forward to this feature being approved or any response on how we can work around this problem.


I want this also! a Call Now button and it just calls the business!


2 years since this comment, and no update?

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I click the "Voting Open" link and it takes me to the ENTIRE voting page and makes me search for this...

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