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Mobile Click To Call

Mobile Click To Call

With this day and age, I would think that most people check their emails from their mobile phone. Your system does not allow to add a href for a phone number example: (333) 444-5555 I get an invalid url error and it will not let me save my changes. Please let me know if you update your system in the future. Thank you!

New Member

Over two years for this very relevant request and no product updates? What's up with that?


Agreed. This is necessary and would make CTAs SO much easier. 

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I second that.


Still waiting for this capability. If nothing else, the ability to edit the html again would be great. MailChimp allows it.

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As we approach the mid-way mark of 2018, this is still a much needed feature as it would allow better tracking and segmentation of our mobile users. What level of demand do you require to make this a priority amongst your developers?



Solution Provider

Why doesn't the LINK button in the new editor have "Telephone" as an option? It only has "Web Page", "Email", and "Document". Please add support for "Telephone" and then insert a "tel:" link type.  Just like this: <a href="tel:8662892101">Constant Contact Customer Support</a>


Not having the ability to edit the raw HTML is a pain. It used to be so easy to work around any deficiencies in the CC editor.

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This is pathetic.


OK - it's now 2018 - STILL there is no way to add a clickable telephone link. I have inserted it as an html link correctly for a telephone number link, but it just gives the invalid url error message. I can do this everywhere else but Constant Contact. I want to make it easy and intuitive for users to click a number and have it call. The alternative is just messy - write down the number then close your screen, and call outside of my email. Nobody wants to do that. Keep them in the same screen and don't require pencil and paper to call something seen on screen.


Crazy, crazy, crazy. Will this feature ever come? Even if you have to write the html yourself, the system should at least recognize it as a valid url - because it IS everywhere else. Example: <a href="tel:18475555555">Call 847-555-5555</a>. PLEASE ADD THIS CAPABILITY. It is vital in today's mobile centered marketing.


UPDATE: I have now discovered that if you put a phone number in text, it is automatically converted to a click to call link. HOORAY. I still maintain that the html input should also be present to allow further formatting if desired. But I actually found out about the feature being included when I found someone else complaining about the link color of the click to call. Funny.

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Has this been added. I am not able to link a phone number in your builder app. Please advise.


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Just wondering why, in 2019, this still has not been implemented yet...???  It would be a very helpful feature to have!