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I'm hopeful someone from Constant Contact will read this and, perhaps, offer a reply:  I don't understand how/why you can charge $99 (or even discounted $79) to offer a mobile-friendly format when this should be integral to the service you provide.  If 70% of your/our clients are going to discard an email from Constant Contact that is not in a mobile-friendly format, then it is incumbent upon CC to fix that by offering users mobile formats as part of the service we already contract for.   How can you rationalize that this is an "add-on" if it is essential to 70% of your target audience?  Why would we continue to pay any monthly fee amount if 70% (and likely more, as time goes on) of our prospective audience isn't going to open our e-mail?  We've paid for your service for years and have an expectation that you will uphold your end of the bargain by keeping your platform current and useful.   Frankly, as a long-time user, this feels like a money grab.  I expected better of CC.

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Thanks for the feedback @JaneH39 and hopefully we can clear up any confusion!


All of our customers have full access to our Mobile templates completely free of charge. You can find these when choosing to create a new email. Each mobile template has a mobile icon in the title.


The paid design option is for the opportunity to have one of our Custom Services team members design a template for your needs, but you also have the ability to create a design of your choice at no additional cost.

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