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I have noticed that a lot of the templates have themed/nice patterns, but when I create my own email I only have a few options for patterns, I know I can add a custom one, but it can be hard to find ones that fit correctly and look good. Please add more pattern options! Thank you
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You're background options are basically nil. The patterns are nice, but there absolutely needs to be more added. Otherwise, you need to figure out a way that when adding a picture from the free stock options, it doesn't tile. This is such a huge thing i dont know why it hasn't been addressed. And should be a fun one to commit and complete. At least i would find it so. Please update, address, and fix this issue. I know i cannot be the only one who is wanting more options here. 

Constant Contact clearly has a library of patterns available for the designs of their templates, but on the user side, only a handful of patterns are available. It would be nice to be able to look through a library or gallery of available patterns--especially since these assets are already available to users for free, but only if you scan all templates for the pattern you want and build from that template.
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