More customization on Buttons

The functionality of the CTA buttons seems to be pretty limited. You cannot overlay an image on to the button, such as an arrow, and you cannot increase the size of the button without adding more text. In my opinion the CTA buttons should have the same functionality as the 'Divider'. It would be great to have that kind of control of the height and width of the button.

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hey @markhillmer, thanks for sharing this feedback! I've opened this idea up for voting so we can get further feedback from other users as well as allow them to "Kudo" this idea if they agree with it. 

Frequent Participant

Yes, please allow for button sizing.  It looks very tacky to have five different button sizes in a message.  I know you must have been trying to make this easy which for some is great, but others are very disappointed to no longer be able to change the sizes of the button based on the space, versus the size of the words inside.



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