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The functionality of the CTA buttons seems to be pretty limited. You cannot overlay an image on to the button, such as an arrow, and you cannot increase the size of the button without adding more text. In my opinion the CTA buttons should have the same functionality as the 'Divider'. It would be great to have that kind of control of the height and width of the button.

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Update 2/8/2022: We do not have updates to share as we are currently updating our templates. In the meantime, you can use a third party service to create more customized buttons like to create a customized button and insert it as a clickable image.

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Stunning that a communication platform like CC can't provide the simple ability to polish our product to the highest degree.  Doesn't seem like it would be that difficult to add some character to the design elements.  These text boxes that serve as our "buttons" are harsh and could be so much more appealing and inviting.  The fact that we've only received the obligatory acknowledgement from CC on this thread is a bit concerning.


I know it seems silly, this rounded button issue, but It should matter more to CC.  Simply put, my competitors have better more professional looking communications and after researching this topic and seeing the lack of concern by CC, perhaps I should spend my time researching what platform/tools they are using.  

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Update the button shape please!! It's dated. We need more options on button shapes.

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The Button is really unattractive.  It would be great to have a selection of buttons to choose from.  Larger, rounded, round, etc.  


It is pretty silly that the icon for the button component has a border around the button yet I can't add a border to the ones that I create


New to CC.  Was a little confused on the button issue as well.  Please add more button customization in the editor itself.  I'd hate to swap templates mid-way through.
I was already pretty deep into replicating a template from another platform.  (seems I can't edit any made by an HTML import)


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Looks like folks have been asking  for this for 6 years, so I don't see it happening any time soon, but I'll add my voice to the chorus. Square corner buttons look amateurish. I see rounded corners in templates, but no way for me to add one to an existing email I've built.


It would make our emails look so much better if our CTA Buttons had options for a rounded corner, different sizes, different shapes. I hope the design team will take this into consideration with their next update to the program.

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Agreed.  I moved to CC a few years ago, before they went to the streamlined methods and at first loved it.  As soon as we made the decision to pay for this service, feeling it was worth it, things changed.  Less user design abilities seemed to be their mode of operation.  Did they lose their best coders?  So I have a little time before my current membership is up but I am very seriously going to look at my old service and see if they still offer the same (or better) design abilities that they did when I left...  So CC you have 2022 to bring some level of user design abilities back. 

Things I am looking for:  greater button control, more color control of blocks not full page widths, more side to side design potential, and much more that I don't have time to list right now!


Hi @FirstBaptist_Rochester


Where are you seeing blocks display full width that you would like to control better? As for side by side design, does our column blocks help fit your needs?

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