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More flexibility with RSVP and Poll buttons

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More flexibility with RSVP and Poll buttons

It would be nice if the RSVP and poll buttons were more dynamic and customizable. I am trying to gauge interest for an event from my community. However, the RSVP option requires a start and end date for the event, which in my case, is not yet planned. When I try to use the poll option, the font size of the polling question is small, and there is no option to change it. The buttons for the poll have a rather simple and unattractive look as well, and I wish I could move the buttons and change their size the way I want. 

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Ask One question with 3 answers Yes No Maybe... Data is useless. Doesn't make any sense. Just stupid links that don't help.
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Thanks for the feedback @KenF70,


Sorry to hear the RSVP block wasn't helpful for you.  Is there something additional we could add to the feature to make it more useful for you?

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I have found where you are hidding the data I was looking for. Not very user friendly but once you know where it is you can find it.



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The rsvps don't show up on the Report Page. Very hard to find
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Hello @AnnK51,


Thank you for bringing this up. To clarify, are you referring to the contacts who RSVP via the RSVP Action Block in your email? You can access the reporting for that on the Email Details page, instructions can be found here:

Does this help with what you were looking for?

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Thanks for posting! 

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The new RSVP feature is very helpful, but there are some flaws: 1. It's nice that we can opt to only have 2 options instead of 3, but it would be nice if those button sizes were customizable, especially the width. 2. What about also allowing 4 and 5 options? You just never know what a client will need. 3. The worst part of this great feature is by far how the results are handled. The sender doesn't receive an email and instead has to go into the campaign, scroll down, and click on the link showing responses. Instead, we should receive an email for every response and we should be able to set who gets that email. For example, I set up these emails for 50 open houses, all managed by each store's branch manager, not me. So for me to relay the results, I have to screen shot and email it over to the manager, and that seems a bit antiquated.