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My favorite features are gone and look like junk email!

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My favorite features are gone and look like junk email!

I've used an old email template for a long time and decided to try one of your new ones for a campaign we sent today.  I'm really discouraged and disappointed!  First... my emails are going to spam more.  The headers look like junk email saying they were sent from the email on behalf of my email.  When I chatted with your chat service, they said it was because I had enable authentication selected.  I have NOT made any changes to my account settings so if that is selected... it was either added by you or has been there all along.  NONE of my previous emails showed the email.  They looked like they were from the email address I selected.  HIGHLY disappointment in this.


Then, some of my favorite features are missing.  We used to be able to add an email address so customers could click to send an email and there were advanced settings so I could set the Subject line and body message.  That's not there anymore.  There are quite a few others missing now too.


To top it off... when I chatted with your rep to ask for an email address to send my feedback to, I was directed here.  I told him I did not want to call or go to a forum... I wanted an email address, but I was denied.


Don't you find that ironic... that you are an email company... but you don't allow your customers to contact you by email?  What the heck?


Not a happy camper.