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Hi @LynneM55 we're sorry to hear you feel this way about any updates we have made. Which update in specific are you speaking of? Any specifics you can share including how this update may not fit your needs is important information for us to track.


Reply from @LynneM55 :

Your system kept wanting to refresh on its own and would miss saving the work done. I know well enough when you finish a block of images or text to save the work, but your refresh kept happening at odd times while I was right in the middle.


Overall I wanted my old template copied which took several edits with three different constant contact phone service providers. The person on the phone was patient and helpful, but by the time I had to place a call I at the end of my rope. I get that we all have to learn different updates of computer systems. This year my micro-soft updated and I have to learn new template, but my work was all saved. Here my templates we not available to copy as I usually do. When I did have your company copy them it put me behind over a week. Even with this first copied newsletter it still was missing much of my work. Upon extra help to send out a current campaign it still is not as good a my previous one. It took me time away from my sales appointment where I actually make money. In stead I have been stuck in my office trying to rework my newsletter campaign in frustration.



Hi @LynneM55 thanks for following up with these details! When the page refreshes are you receiving any messages as well? Are you unable to successfully save in a different browser or even a private/incognito window as well?

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