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I wouldn't use this program if I didn't have to. It's what our office uses and I'm forced to. Constant Contact freezes on me ALL THE TIME! I mean it, all the time. It doesn't function properly. Entire paragraphs will be erased and I click nothing, nothing at all - and this happens often. I'll be in the middle of typing and it's like it stops to think about the words and lags and lags and lags behind. I'll wait and then three sentences will pop up suddenly as if I had just speed typed them. I have to shut down the program, close the browser, and log back in to continue. Please fix the bugs and other issued. Several times a week I want to chuck my laptop off a building.
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@provumc I apologize for the issues you are having and the frustration it has caused you. I would like to better understand when you seem to have the issues. You mentioned it freezes on you all the time. Based on your comments it appears to be happening while you are working on a campaign in the editor but do you also notice it when you are adding or managing contacts or viewing reporting? Or is it primarily just while working in the editor? 

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Re your message:

"Looks like you're using Microsoft's new browser, Edge.

Sorry, the following page is not fully supported in this browser. You may continue, but some features may be unavailable."


Well, MS Edge is not exactly new anymore. So why don't you support it yet?


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