Need Confirmation When Sending Re: Add List to Send Campaign -Change it BACK!

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So the way it used to be , you would select the lists you wanted to send the campaigns to and then you would put a checkmark in the box by each list and click on ADD. Then it would show in the top and you would see and make sure you had the right ones going out. Then you would hit SEND. It would normally do a delay of 10 min (which for me was a bit long so I'm happy with the quicker send right now).


Once you hit send you would see a screen and it showed you what lists the campaign went to. This way if you screwed up you had time to quickly pause the scheduling and fix it. I send out campaigns to lists of 500, 700 etc so yeah, I don't need to do a mixup! And with this new fast send, there is no time to pause if I notice I mixed it up.

So when we are adding the lists to the campaign it needs to be the checkbox  and the ADD button so we can see exactly what we are adding and and big confirmation before we hit that big red button! I've made that mistake before and there is no grief like having 500 people emailing you to tell you that you send them the wrong email! Now I am super careful and cautious and this new design makes it very stressful to ensure that it doesn't happen again. So dont' make me run over to MailChimp please because I prefer CC but I need to have fail safes when sending to make sure I'm sending to right lists.

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Thank you for sharing your feedback!


I'm not sure what has happened but it has been changed back? The one day I sent my emails it was all strange, like you couldn't see what like you chose and once it was sent it was gone, not chance to see what list it went to. And it sent within the minute, so no way to cancel if you realized you made a mistake.

Couple of days later, it's back to normal - mostly! The last screen is different but the main part - select list, click ADD, get to verify those are the lists you want and click send so you can confirm those are the ones you want before making massive boo-boo, it's all normal again. Then it goes to a page where it shows the campaigns you've sent showing them in horizontal layout which is better improvement.


Love the faster send speed.


So not sure why the change happened so quick but it did so thank you. As far as I can tell - this issue is resolved. CC must always keep it this way - Must be able to review the lists you have added to the campaign and then click send. Must be very very visible before we hit that button! A 2nd screen after saying Congratulations you have just sent this to "such and such Lists" and then a button saying "Made a mistake? Click here to cancel" would be even better!"

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