Need Search Box for Templates

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Not all templates are available and can not search for them

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I used to be able to search the templates, there is no longer a search bar. This is terrible.
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Hello just wanted to know if your going to add a search button so you do not have to go through all templates. Maybe we could search via holiday, donations or something like that. Also a page where we can share our templates with others and them with us.
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trying to use a template i have used on an older account, but can no longer (readily) search the template database
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It would be helpful to have a search key on the home page, I don't see one.
Hi It would save time if you offered a search feature. For example if I am looking for a newsletter about Save the date I would key that into search and land on the sample CC has to offer.
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Not sure if anyone else is unhappy about this, but I find it very inconvenient that we can no longer see the name of the draft of the email that we are working on, and that we can no longer "search" for templates by name like we used to. I know we are creatures of habit and I liked the old platform, but this is truly inconvenient.
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