Need more template options

You should have more templates for the different Holidays available or a plain text option

Hi, Every time I go to look for a holiday template for the holiday I need, I am unable to find it. It seems lots of them are missing from when I first started using your website for my newsletters. This time I am sending out Easter letters and tax day letters combined and am unable to find anything that fits. What am I to do??? thanks.
It would be really helpful to have more template options.

You used to have Christian templates.  I don't see any now. I searched "religious" and all I got was a bunch of non profit templates.  Please let me know where they are hiding, or please make them available again.  Thanks.

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Hi, I wan't my whole e-mail block to be left aligned, and not centered, is this possible? Thanks!
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Hi @AndyV776,


Yes, you should be able to left align an entire block of text. There are some exceptions to this, such as using bullets or numbered lists, which will automatically indent causing the text not to be left aligned to the block.


Is there a specific campaign you were working on that you were having this issue when using a normal text block?

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No, what I mean is, can you left align the entire block?

See picture below, I want it to appear on the left side of the screen, is this possible?


left align.png

When I started with CC several years ago, there was an ample selection of Religious templates. Now there is only one that I can find. What is going on??
Really wish there were more industry specific templates, especially for Travel. Just creates more work for me in finding graphics.
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I am so tired of your tired old templates, even when I click to just show NEW I've seen or used them all before. come on guys, give us something new please. YOu changed a whole lot of things and made it worse in my opinion. try to make it a bit better again?
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few African americans, . few party ones, no pool party and beach. for $45.o00, more should be included, same templates as you offered years ago. get with it or we're be gone!!!
Would be great to have a template for dance studio or dance instructors that can promote their classes/studio classes. That can be used for kids and adult classes like Bollywood, belly dance, adult ballet, hip hop etc.
I use Constant Contact pretty frequently to send out news releases. I work for a State of Idaho government agency. I could really use more template options that have two columns. Just something for you to consider. There used to be a lot more options with two-plus columns. Thank you!
I'm really bored of your templates, you havent made any effort to update them for years now, as a result I am not sure how long I will continue to be a customer.
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please bring back travel templates! thank you
The templates have become frustrating and difficult to use. The one I have used since I first began with Constant Contact is now gone. The ones available are less easily customized. I am sure it is because they want us to purchase templates. Disappointing.

You have had the same "Christmas Greetings" template for 3 years (maybe more).  Any chances of some new designs?  Thanks very much. Bob H.

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I agree with MarcusE87607.  I would like to see this feature. 


I wonder if anyone at Constant Contact pays any attention to these requests and can comment on this?


Very disappointed, the money I spend for email services, and the Christmas templates you offer are very poor.  There's only FOUR templates, and they are very poor in quality.  Constant Contact had offered many more Christmas templates, did you delete some?  


There's no snowman, holiday scenes, c'mon, step it up and give us some choices for the money we pay.




Two suggestions:

1. I got several emails telling me there were holiday templates. The links in the emails gave me links to see the templates but when I went into my account, they were awfully hard to find. 

2. More variety of free stock images. Older people and more ethnicities, please. 

Thank you.

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