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Need more templates!

Need more templates!

You should have more templates for the different Holidays available

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Thank you for the feedback @KerryW31,


Aside from additional Holiday templates, are there any other kinds of templates you'd like to see that we don't offer?  Additionally-- check your message inbox as I'm going to send you some information about custom templates.


Thank you.

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please add more modern templates! thanks
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I was frustrated about the templates, too, and found browsing for a template really difficult. I'm more of a "I'll just look until I find the right one" kind of person, so searching by tags takes almost as long as just scrolling through. 
I wish that templates were a little more streamlined and easier to edit as a whole.  Right now, you pick a template and then edit each individual piece of it to customise it.  I'd rather preview a base-design template, and then get a pop-up with a brief slideshow of transformations of that template with different colour palettes and individual company branding.  Then instead of going straight to the current editor page where I have to edit each individual piece, I get a page that suggests a branding customisation (for example, a pre-made colour palette featuring the company logo and colours from that logo), maybe a chance to make company logo header that gets automatically added to any template I open, and a way to change the layout of the template as a whole (I like the colour scheme, I like the header and footer options, but I want to switch from newsletter style text blocks to a set of three images with text underneath each image) in one click. That way instead of having a limited number of Christmas-themed templates (which means almost every email looks EXACTLY THE SAME), we could add a variety of Christmas palettes and images that are automatically formatted to that template so that each company's Christmas emails look a little different and can still feature company branding. 

I've been created e-mails for my company for 3 years using Constant Contact and I figured there must be a place to find new templates considering the ones in our list have never been updated. I was upset to discover that CC doesn't update templates unless we pay an additional fee. We have tens of thousands of contacts that we pay good money to mail to every month. I would think that there would be some updates for the amount of money we've paid over the years. Very unhappy.
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I would like to add that we used to be able to see dozens of choices by typing in a keyword or choosing from categories. Those options are now gone. So even if you have template options we can't find them.

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I've been using CC for a number of years now.  There used to be more variety in the templates and more of them.  Would like to see more B:B templates, product oriented, etc.  I find them helpful as a starting point.

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Your templates are so old and outdated! Why don't you add new ones? Why do I have to see Christmas and New Year's and any other holiday that is not current? It's depressing!! Can you guys do a little work over there? Stale! and Boring!!!
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You cant even center images because template have OLD coding system. LAZY COMPANY
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Also super disappointed on the lack of template designs, I've also been using CC for years, and the same templates are the only ones I've seen for the last 2 years. Do you have a template design team? 


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I helped someone set up a  new CC account recently and noted while working in their account that I was able to search a little more effectively for templates. But it still sucked. 2 to 8 examples came up twice and then it was like it locked up and all options were gone. **bleep**? I don't know what to say about that. It used to be that we put in a keyword and dozens of templates came up. I assume they are in the system somewhere. why can't we find them???

you took out all the travel templates. you use to have them why did you take them out? you have all other kinds of industry why not put travel back in? i may disconnect my account

Holidays are upon us and would love to have templates for office closings on the major holidays to advise our clients when we're shut down. i.e., Memorial Day, July 4th, New Years Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Days, Christmas . . . Just sayin'.


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Your standard templates have gotten boring. Anyway to create some new ones?
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1st, I have to say, for a company that specializes in emails, it was very difficult to even find where to email you. 

2nd- I'm shocked that for $45 a month, your company can't even come up with new templates on a regular monthly basis. The Mothers Days templates this year are the (very few) as last year! Seriously?! Companies rely on a large company like you to provide attractive and exciting platforms for us to launch off of- and your offering your thousands of customers 2 variations, and not even a new set for 2018? The consumer will view different companies all using the same images as cheap and generic.

step it up.

We already do not believe your fee is justified as it is, let alone with the lame and bland templates.

We never , never , never , never see templates for plays, dance events, independent film showings, musical gigs, and yet many many many of your customers fall into the ctegory of prefessionals an semi-porfessionals doing these kinds of events.
I notice that non of the templates have designs to use for thing related to babies. It would be great if you add some for people like me with business of infant massage and early stimulation
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@VeronicaT285 Thank you for the feedback.  I have passed your comment on to the template team.

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How about a Canada Day template for all your Canadian customers. thanks for thinking about it.
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@NikiK6 Thank you for taking time to provide feedback. I have passed your comment on to the template team.

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As a trainer and speaker, I'd like to see more calendar style templates to list multiple events. Thanks.