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Need to add tables

The old template program allowed for the user to create tables as well as directly edit the html code. Please bring these back, I use tables more than any other feature.

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the ability to insert pictures or tables into the text blocks has been lost on this new editor. this is extremely limiting.
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I'm using one of your new templates for our newsletter and notice there's not an Insert Table feature anymore when in an article/text box. This is really helpful for me when I'm creating columns of text or links. Please add back to formatting.
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I don't see a place to insert a table on the new responsive Beta format. Those would be nice so a picture of the table doesn't have to be inserted.

HI @LakeManager

What would you like to insert into this table? Are you needing multiple rows of content or are you looking to put images side by side?

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Thank you for sharing your feedback on this!

I'm unable to create tables in our campaigns. I understand that feature is available in Generation 2 and not in Generation 3, which we are currently using. Would be great if it was available for Gen 3 accounts. Thank you.
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Please provide ability to build tables in the newsletters. For example, point of contact listings for a committee name, the person and their email address. Per phone discussion this evening with staff, the tool is coming soon.
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How would I add tabled (data) content into an email – like a pricing table for example?
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As I started using it, I am amazed at all the things that were deleted from the best previous editor.  I spoke to a representative to find out about features that I could not find, and she said that those features are gone.  That the idea with the new editor is to make it easier for new clients.



1. We cannot longer personalize a block - for example, the background colors.  This is done now through the general newsletter appearance.

2.The header area does not have the features like the social media icons, the website format, the authentication area.  If it still has it, it is not user friendly as it is hard to find it - I never found it.

3. Images cannot fit to the block anymore - or if possible, where is it?

4. There is no option, or I cannot see it, to add tables - this is a major loss!

5. I cannot copy the hex color codes to paste them in another area of the website - it is necessary to type them, this is not good.


So what happens to the + 150,000 Constant Contact clients?  We are getting again into a new major issue like the one we had to endure in 2013 with the Contact Management. 


It is not fair that we are not able to get the previous features and that CC intents to slash the good editor in favor of the simple one for new clients.


I kindly ask you to please trasmit my concern to the directors and to please keep the good and complete editor.  Offer the two options - that is the solution!





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Health Practitioners & Centers

You removed more features then you added.

I can't even left or right-align an image in a block without having text next to it.
Aligning images has been around since like the beginning of the internet.

Want a button in between 2 paragraphs?
Sorry you need a seperate block for that but then the padding which you cant adjust won't look right.

Is there a way to add tables? They are still useful sometimes.

No option to change the color of all links.

The undo button is nice I guess. <- Wait how did a compliment get in here?

It's honestly like being in email editor prison.

The funny thing is I would be happy to have half of the customization within the survey tool which I will now be forced to pay for.

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Status changed to: New
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There are a few things I've noticed missing with new editor. There is now link at the top for those having trouble seeing the email to view it in their web browser. This need to be brought back. The share on social media option and the ability to edit alt text for images (for the visially impaired/blind that use text readers for the internet) after the image has been uploaded.


Another issue I've remembered is the table option needs to be brought back. The two column options is ok, but the huge amount of space between two column looks ridiculous. There needs to be some way to decrease the space between two columns.

I am a new customer of constant contact and I am shocked that you don't have the table feature within the design option! This is such a vital tool!!! Also, please add a way to add sections of custom code!
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I agree, tables and HTML editing should be added back for advanced users. I need a block of sponsorship logos at the bottom of my mail and there is no way to create visual hierarchy between different spoonsosrhip levels (which they are paying for - first tier, second tier and thir tier). My choices are one or two columns. If I use asymmetrical two column layout, the smaller column's white space is not the same as the larger column's so the whole thing looks off center. I don't even know how I am going to take care of my third tier. Trust your users, Constant Contact. Bring back HTML editing and let us suffer the consequences if its not 100% mobile compliant.

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Spending way too much time trying to align images side by side, then read on an older post that I could do so using tables.  I do not find the table feature, so looks as though that is no longer an option.  I want a row of horizontal images, all of small photos.  Why is that not do-able.  This severely limits the ability to do what I need to complete this project. Please add this feature.