Need to add tables

The old template program allowed for the user to create tables as well as directly edit the html code. Please bring these back, I use tables more than any other feature.

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 It is so disappointing that they have taken away the feature to add tables. This is so so limiting. Please bring it back. 

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Please bring the ability to create tables back.  When trying to send out an informational email that needs columns of information, I have to space between and it never lines up right.  Please, I'm begging you, bring tables back!

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Give me a table option please! 


I use these tables for my weekly newsletters for a golf course. I can no longer send out clean looking forms to members of our club using constant contact. I would prefer not to transfer all of my contacts to another email blast/newsletter company, but I have to provide high-quality content to my clients. Please fix this soon.


Your new layout is terrible, I can't search for any campaigns, hundreds of people complaining about the same thing, not having tables is just idiotic. I am about to switch to another mass email software because you clowns are going backwards.


Generation 3 does not support tables, which is a nice feature in Generation 2. In Gen3, you can only place two images across one row. We cannot upgrade to Gen3 becasue we create emails with several business partners, and put all the company logos across one line with URLs for each logo. 

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Has there been any resolution to this issue?  I also need to insert a table into my campaign but cannot find the option to do so.

Help please!

I can't put more than two photos next to each other. I need to add a bunch of sponsors. Where has the grid option gone?



It seems a little outlandish that you can add rich text and html to a comment on the constnat contact help page, but cannot even add a table in the email editor. My organization is looking at switching back to Mailchimp or moving to Microsoft Dynamics as a result of this.


Features needed to be a full-service email suite:

Ability to insert tables

Ability to edit code

Ability to add photos within text blocks.


I petitioned moving to Constant Contact because I didn't have these features in another client. Now I can't use these features again.


Agreed. I'm really disappointed that instead of adding features, Constant Contact is removing features like these. I've been a long-time customer since the beginning and am seriously considering switching providers. 


Just another voice saying it is absurd to have remove the table-maker tool. Very limiting!

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Yet another feature I used weekly that is now gone. I'm having a hard time seeing how this is an upgrade. It's more of a "dumbing down" for new users. Now instead of having a table I can simply update each week, I have to write the table elsewhere and scan it into my newsletter. This is NOT an improvement. PLEASE bring back tables!

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I agree.  We like to put calendars in our emails and have been reduced to creating a table in Word and then taking a screen shot of it and inserting the picture file in the message as an Image.  


This seems like a process that would be much harder to learn as a "New User" than to simply have an "Insert Table" function in the "Build" menu for easy use.  

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I'm incredibly displeased with the 3rd generation editor. There is nothing about it that is better or new - the only thing different is the removal of several features. Tables were essential to most of my newsletters, and now I can't figure out a way to present information in a similar style now that the functionality has been removed.

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I was NOT thrilled with the upgrade when I first began to use it. I'm happier with it now that I've used it several times but I we still need tables and anchor links back. Using side by side columns instead of a table for our weekly events guide doesn't work because there is too much space between each line and it is difficult to line up the text. Also, because our newsletters can be so long we REALLY need the ability to have a "table of contents" in the beginning. Our readers get tired of continual scrolling down to find what they are looking for. PLEASE put these two features back. It was a real downgrade to remove them. Thank you.

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pls re-add the forward to a friend button AND we didn't upgrade to your new e-mail template because you removed the table function and we use tables in our e-mail newsletter. so, if you want us to upgrade to the new template, you are going to have to add the table-making option. (and if it happened to be easier to use, that would be a bonus). thanks!
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I have a spread sheet with products I'm trying to sell and I'd like to put them into an email campaign. It's a time consuming hassle to have to enter and edit lines of text. There are a lot of items! Anyway, adding a drag and drop table feature would help immensely. You could add rows and columns, fill in just like the other text editing boxes and paste in existing html tables. I'm sure there are other people that would really appreciate this tool as well! Thanks, Corey
I can't believe there is no longer a function to insert a grid or table. That seems like it should be pretty standard for any editing program. Sometimes a new look or feel to a program creates more work or lack of options and not worth it to end users.
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Agreed. This is strongly needed by our organization as well.

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