Need to add tables

The old template program allowed for the user to create tables as well as directly edit the html code. Please bring these back, I use tables more than any other feature.


It would be nice to be able to drag and drop or copy into a text block a table or xls spreadsheet into the editor.  Or, have the option to create a table in the editor.

Please add the function of adding a table into ALL Newsletter/templates options. It is very frustrating when you can't use it in a template, that you have already started, spent the time on a newsletter, and then find out in the end you now cant use it.
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We are often publishing new lists of products, for special holidays or sales. We use a table/excel sheet to list by code, products description, and add the discount on the third column. Just listing out by text looks unorganized. 


I know there was some formatting issues when it came to reading these from a phone but, I KNOW it's possible to make them more responsive. Is there any way we can bring these back? 


Right now my choices are to upload as a photo or add a link for the spreadsheet... I just want all the info in the body of the email. 


I used to use the "insert table" feature in every single campaign I sent out (mainly for lists of price changes for products we sell). This has been eliminated. Would love to see it get reinstated. 


I publish weekly calendars and lists of people (winners) in my weekly emails. I need a way to line up text. In the old emails I would insert tables. In 3rd generation, I can not use multiple columns because on mobile platforms, it displays 1 column and then the next. Either replace the table insert or provide a way to use tabs, or some other way to line up text. 

Creating it, then snapping a screen shot, then trying to insert it as an image is way to much trouble.


Completely agree. Please add tables back into the design options or provide the ability to add tabs within text boxes. 

Just wanted to say that it is a shame that you got rid of tables. Almost all of my emails utilize a table and I won't move my legacy emails over to the new format unless you bring back this function. Please put tables back in the editor!
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I agree completely! The new version really limits the users' possibilities.

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I find myself going back to my old emails and using them as templates as the new ones are so rigid...  At first I thought I just needed to "explore/try" the new templates and I'd learn how to use them better but finding them WAY LESS user friendly.  We seem to have lost a lot of flexibility in designing our emails and it is frustrating. Here's some specific feedback from me...


I want to put in tables like before

I want to put in picture captions like before

I want to be able to have pictures side by side with OUT a lot of text

I want to be able to remove unwanted text boxes around pictures (can keep empty but then the email has way to much blank space)

I want to be able to put two (or more) pictures side by side and keep them the SAME size, I can only adjust size on one of two.

I want to be able to wrap text MY WAY. I don't want it just at the very top of a block, sometimes I want it towards the bottom, sometimes towards the middle of the block...

It's minor, but why does it default to "send later", normally I'm ready to send "now" but it even asks me to confirm if that is what I really want?

Also not huge but now it defaults to sending "early results" to our bookkeeper, I guess just alphabetical but something else I have to remember to change. Should be able to choose default.



I like the new previews better now (look at both email and mobile)

I LOVE the idea of using the A/B Test of subject lines but since I have too many issues with the new templates haven't been able to take real advantage of it. :(


I love the idea of being able to resend to non-openers, just found that today and will try it.

The new email campaign editor is very easy to use, but also seems very limiting. While the templates are now all mobile-friendly, they appear too narrow which takes away from the otherwise professional looking appearance. I really like addition of the button component. I used to use tables to create a similar look but it was much more time consuming. The disadvantage to the buttons is that you can alter their size without adding in additional letters, and you can't have multiple buttons horizontally, only vertically.
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We recently released support for a 5 column layout which may satisfy some of the use cases for tables. 

Here is a Knowledge Base article detailing how to create 2, 3, 4 or 5 column layouts.  If there are other use cases that only tables will work let us know what those use cases are in a new Thread.


I just attempted to create a simple eight row, four column table using the new editor's column layout tools. I didn't even make it to the end of reformatting the second row before I wanted to throw something through my monitor.


I think (hope?) you realize that tables  must be added back in. So my question is what sort of time frame are we looking at? I usually have two tables in each newsletter, mostly upcoming educational opportunities. These are usually a mix of text and links, so I'm not about to go the thumbnail route and create an even bigger headache for myself.

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How about a "beginner" and "advanced" editor.  I am particularly concerned with inserting tables, but also other lost features that people are referencing.

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Just wondering if there's been any movement on this issue to have tables re-added to the Email editor? Every month I send out a calendar and the only way for me to do it is to copy from an old email.  Would REALLY love to see this added back soon!



Can someone please tell me what is best way to create spreadsheet for contacts. what column should I create?


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Wait a second... why was the status of this issue closed with a message of "indirectly fixed"...?? What does that mean?


I still need the ability to add tables so I can create an email with a calendar... I still have no way of doing that without copying from a legacy email which had tables because it used the old editor. 



I think tables would be extremely helpful. Using 2 columns doesn't work because of mobile view...2 columns is not the fix, so what is?

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Can you please re-open this issue?  It has not been resolved


As with the other comments, I too used the tables and html to customize my emails. Those options have been removed and now I am creating emails that do not look as good. Using the limited layout options you have, when I put four images side by side they become stacked when viewed on a mobil device. I can't change the spacing or the padding. Frustrating!


PLEASE bring back those options for those of us that want more control over how our emails look. We want the best options to represent our business, not a cookie cutter email that looks like all the others.

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So, since Constant Contact has refused to add back tables to the email editor, I finally decided to give the new 5-cell drag-and-drop format a try and see if I can get it to work for our monthly calendar that we send out.

The answer: NOPE!!!

Like @lorir61 mentioned above, when viewed on a mobile device, it completely gets screwed up to the point you can't even recognize that it is a calendar! (See image included below) At least when using tables, yes you have to scroll around if viewing on a cell phone, however you at least know that it's a calendar you're looking at! 



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