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Need to edit HTML

Need to edit HTML

Arghh not dig'n it. How can I view a new account in the old editor? The new editor is like the new social social sharing tool... a wicked drag.

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I'm looking for additional formatting features in order to tighten up the email and eliminate extra padding in areas. Is there a edit HTML feature hiding somewhere?
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Why are so many features removed from the new "mobile friendly" template designs? It's great that you made them mobile friendly, but they sure aren't user friendly. I'm assuming it's so we have to pay for even the slightest modification, but this really is a pain when we want to insert a tracking code for a digital campaign. We are leaving Constant Contact soon, and I couldn't be happier.
When talking with a rep today about another issue, she mentioned that CC is planning to eventually roll out the simpler beta editor as the primary editor. I looked at the simple editor today and noticed that there is no access to html when designing the email. If you transition to the simpler editor, Please, Please, Please leave the html accessibility from the editor. For those of us who know html, we add lots of little tweaks to improve the look of our emails in terms of the email purpose. For example, I create and send volunteer schedules using CC. Because of the html editor, I am able to add text decorations that aren't available in the editor (ex. ), add background colors to specific table rows and cells (not available in the editor), change line-height parameters (not available in the editor), and use font sizes that aren't available in the editor (ex. 13pt, 15pt, etc.) I'm also able to do a number of other things on the fly that just aren't available in the editor features. The following examples show how we notify our volunteers from week to week. Notice how the html tweaks mentioned above allow people reading the email to know what tasks have already been completed, which ones are coming up in the week ahead, and which ones will happen in the future: Thanks very much for taking this into consideration!! Alison Avery
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Hard returns are not accessible, but with the new editor you cannot html edit or edit spacing so are forced to do hard returns.
The formatting box sits on top of the text I want to edit and isn't movable. I can't see what I'm typing. What happened to style sheets? This is a big loss.
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This editor is so basic, i need 3 clumns, or editing so much more. Please return to the original builder.

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Why would you remove html and css editing from your email builder!? You should probably remove ALL support documents that claim you can.

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We personally find the editor: version 2(currently using) a lot better to use for creating our emails. It has a lot more details and functionality that allows us to create our emails the way we want them to as close as possible. The main element that we love using is being able to insert editable tables inside a content box. Changing cell background colours font sizes and inserting images are all great features that company this. Also we love inserting images with the options of changing it dimensions, adding a caption, links and a description. We think that the version 2 editor is great but can be a little buggy, there are plenty of work arounds but in general it could do with some minor fine tuning. Thank you for providing an editor as detailed as this we love it.
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A couple of different editors!? So, I have to go through all the templates to see which editor is with what? You don't have css or html editing in your editor. Also, you don't have the same block layout and other options with all the templates. 

From YOUR help section:

Haven't found a template that allows you to do this.

I would suggest one editor and more layout options along with the ability to edit css and html. Otherwise, this editor is too basic.

For it to be this difficult for your customers to do simple editting (that your competitors offer), I am disappointed. 

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The newest version of Constant Contact seems to be very limiting! Can we choose to opt out or move back to the last version of Constant Contact while you work out the bugs / iron out the kinks with your new templates? The following are essentials for our campaigns and do not appear to be options as of Oct 24, 2015: 1) HTML - we need to be able to edit/"tweak" the HTML within the template 2) Three column format - does not seem to be an option 3) Pre-Header Text - need to be able to remove it from the body of the email and put it elsewhere. 4) Customized message in the header - above the body of the email - previously we could add a customized opt-out statement. This is essential!
Lack of ability to edit HTML is a problem I'm struggling with. Sometimes I find the text box formatting off slightly because of text I've pulled in from somewhere else. A "remove formatting" option might add to this solution as well.
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It would be nice to still have access to the html code to make tweeks if neded
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Not being able to have control of code is a huge barrier in creating a more stylized email. I hope you can add that option soon.
Hello, This new, easy-to-use mobile beta is a big step in the right direction. The user interface is clean and easy to navigate, and the desktop/mobile preview ability is just fantastic. However, there seems to be less user control over the look and feel of these templates---making certain features more customizable would absolutely increase our satisfaction with this new email builder. We would love to be able to control the corner rounding on buttons inside of any template. Some templates have square corners and others are far more rounded, but it would be nice to choose the look and feel of your buttons instead of trying to find a template that has the look you want as well as the layout/features that suit your content. Also, it would be great if we could place three or more buttons next to each other. I only see a way that two buttons can fit side by side, same with images and text. Layouts can be overly complex when there are too many columns, we definitely understand, but a mobile template should easily be able to accommodate three buttons side by side. On mobile, they would obviously stack, but a desktop layout shouldn't have a problem with three buttons in a row. For instance, we would love "Visit our website," "Shop our store," and "Support us" buttons sitting together on one line. Lastly, if there was a way to include your own social media icons, that would make these mobile templates a lot more appealing. We have our own custom icons that are in our branded colors as we use them on all of our marketing materials. The row of multicolored social media icons that currently occupy the footer of these templates are a bit distracting. Thanks for listening, Sara
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The beta mobile design templates are simply not ready and CC has been preaching their benefits for months. They started pushing people towards their mobile design templates, which frankly I'm really excited for, but their mobile design builder has no flexibility. For instance, you cannot change the line-height of the text, you cannot float images, you cannot edit padding or margins of columns or images, you cannot edit html in a way that incorporates the CMS, and much more. I've desperately tried numerous templates to get the look I want and it's just not possible. CC's mobile design templates are there to increase user experience and they haven't made it there yet. There is simply not much to it that helps us create great experiences for our subscribers other than the fact that the fonts and images change with the screen size. It's frustrating seeing how many of our subscribers are using mobile when we can't make mobile templates that look good. We may be looking into other providers who do this soon if CC doesn't work towards fixing its issues. - A Web Designer and Constant Contact User of 5 years
I would love to have more customizing options.
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Need to have the ability to edit underlying HTML code!
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I use it to troubleshoot some of the formatting when its not behaving the way I want it to.