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New Code Editor

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New Code Editor

I hate your new code editor and I especially hate that you rolled it out without warning. The new system disallows code that has been accepted in the past. This will require me to spend programming time to rewrite the system that generates my emails, as well as back-and-forth time with clients who send emails to my subscriber base. This decision of yours is not the decision of a company that understands or cares about their customers.
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We have our own templates and we use tags like <font face="Arial"> to support various mail readers. This is valid HTML and it is crucial to our formatting. We don't put CSS in our emails for good reason. The fact that your new code editor is stripping valid HTML tags is completely ridiculous and unacceptable. It is unusable for our purposes.


For this month's mailing we were able to still using the old version. If your new editor won't give us free reign to use basic HTML tags, we respectfully need to know what your deprecation schedule for the old version looks like. At what point is it going to disappear completely?


Sadly, the only way we can stay with your company is if you keep the old code editor available indefinitely.



Josh Strike

CTO at the Barker Lounge

Status changed to: Open Questions

Thank you for the feedback regarding our new custom code editor, @FrederickM56504. Right now, this editor is new and we welcome feedback from those who try it out so we can improve it for all users. What code were you inserting that wasn't being accepted or showing as supported?