New Editor might be a good reason to change providers

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I think I'm echoing a lot of people here, but the new editor is sorely inadequate. I'm sure I'm probably just scratching the surface, but, NO html editing, NO ability to indent, NO ability to insert tables, NO ability to copy those and other formatting from another source. Also, since I could not figure out a way to include a table, I tried blank spaces... they disappeared in the final product. Thanks for that.


A note on Contacts too, I could not find the ability to send a 'resubscribe' message to contacts who mistakenly unsubscribed. Is that gone too?


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Strongly agree! For every 1 person who complains I am sure there are hundreds more who agree but just dont take the time to speak up.


New versions are suppose to be improvements, not stripped down from what customers are use to. 


I am taking notice at how Constant Contact addresses these issues, while looking to transition to another service by end of year if those things you mentioned are not addressed. What a horrible way to do a transition, you would think by now there are enough examples of companies who do these updates the wrong way to learn from, SMH! 

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