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I understand you want to expand and update your offerings, but WHY would you remove so many options?  Photo placement within blocks, HTML code view and the very limited number of basic templates from which to choose???

I don't mind learning a new system, but I'm extremely disappointed in the limitations you've placed on your users who frankly don't have the time to create new templates and are not served by the myriad of themed templates you saw fit to prioritize.  This is absolutely terrible and has created enough extra work that we are trying alternatives to C.C.

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Hi @DonnaM2 what type of placements within a block are you looking to have for your photos? What edits or tools that may not be currently available that you are looking to accomplish through your HTML coding?

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I agree.......companies begin to decline when they think they know more than their customers and 'water down/simplify' their products. 


For example, I want to includes tables ....but Constant Contact thinks they are bad for mobile and they did a whole video on how people have to pinch and zoom. I know my analytics, my users are on desktops and laptops. So let me use Tables, this is an option I pay you for. If you must, change the user interface so it is harder to find, but do not just take it away because YOU think you know what your customers want. You are in fact, going to lose a customer over this in the coming months. 


Also, being able to insert HTML into blocks and various parts of the email. Again, you stripped this away. Some of us like the flexibility and are able to create the look and feel that we want. But nooo, Constant Contact thinks they know best, so this option is taken away. Sure they will tell you that you can still use HTML, but you will quickly learn their way is not usable. 


Don't get me wrong, all software needs to be updated from time to time. But there is a RIGHT and a WRONG way to do things. And ultimately if you do them wrong, you lose customers. Because of these new changes, I will be transitioning away from Constant Contact and I suspect many others will as well unless better decisions are made. But when your management looks back months from now and sees that your revenue is declining and then layoffs begin(inlcuding the people who respond to these messages), it will NOT be because of the pandemic. It will be because of the way this transition has been executed. 


So in summary, listen to your users and bring back some of the functionality (tables, html, ability to use and copy legacy emails, etc). 

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I'm new to using Constant Contact, and trying to rebuild a layout I've designed for a new email campaign. We normally use another system, that seems way more advanced, while also being more user friendly.

- I can't insert tables?
- I can't insert custom HTML blocks?
- I can't adjust padding within blocks, like centering text within a block?

- There's no full text editor that lets me flip between HTML and a WYSIWYG?

And that's just after spending an hour with it. These should be REALLY simple things. 

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