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Due to an issue with YouTube, inserting videos in your emails is showing an error. Until they are able to resolve this issue, we recommend using a different video hosting service. We will continue to monitor this outage and update you as we have more information.

New Layout/Editing platform

New Layout/Editing platform

The new layout and editing platform is extremely difficult to work with. For a busy small business, I do not have the time to learn a new platform. If I did I would have switched to Mail Chimp. Perhaps, I should.
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No way to tell what size images are.  You have to hope you uploaded three exactly the same, because you can't find any place to tell you what it is. If you accidentally drag it smaller or larger, you have no way of telling when you've returned to default.
And as nearly as I can tell, no way to turn of tracking on image links?  Our clients are not allowed to click on links with tracking attached.  Used to be able to turn them off. 

And like you, if I had wanted Mail Chimp-ness, I would be using that service - which I do use for another organization, and hate it!


I just tried the new format and agree it is just difficult to try and, once again, learn a new format.   I couldn't figure out how to change the background color doesn't have my links saved anymore and have to re-enter them in again....too much work for a small business .....I had the same complaint when CC change the last time and was never satisfied with that but stuck with it.  Will look for a better option for my business need and my comfort level.

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Agree with a lot of these complaints, but please don't delude yourselves into thinking that the other ESPs don't redesign their interfaces. They ALL are doing it, from what I can tell. Definitely Mailchimp is.

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Thank you everyone for the feedback. I know switching to a new editor can be difficult. If you need further assistance or help using the new editor we can have someone form support reach out to you.

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Not happy with new interface. Can't add padding to image and can't have an image embedded in a text email without it cowering in the corner. Cross.

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I don't think you get it Constant Contact Development Team! 


You are not hearing you customer base.  Yes, maybe switching to a new editor is challenging and time consuming.  And no one wishes to take more time doing what they do, especially when we are all very busy and doing more and more every day with not enough time. The real issue is that in your effort to make things easier and efficient, you totally missed it. If you make changes that improve the look, function, and usability, people don't mind as much. Instead of doing that, we spend all of our time and effort for something that does not look as nice and does not allow for creativity and flexibility like the old system.


The lack of ability to make the changes you wish for the look you want has been lost. The older editor was absolutely wonderful and when switching from our old provider we felt like we was moving from Pontiac to a Cadillac.  Then all of the sudden, moving from the trial to the purchased system, we went backwards!  We now not only have to spend way to much time trying to figure out how to create the great looking emails but we waste time because the options which used to be available are no longer there!  They can't be found. (i.e. adding spaces to a box to make it bigger!  REALLY?)


The new program does not allow for the same flexibility and creativity you had in easy to locate spots.  Why? Is development team not able to figure out how to keep the great features you used to offer?  Why would you ever move backwards in capabilities not forward?  If you plan to bring back some of these features, why release the product before you do?  In searching comments, it seems as though you have many customers who are not happy?  What are you going to do about it?  You had a absolutely great, great product.  Now... it is just like the others out there. 


We are beginning to question why we made the decision to upgrade to what we felt was the better product and spend the fairly significantly more $$$ to just have it nearly back to what we had (and for a significantly lower price)?  Maybe we need to rethink our purchase.