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New Layout/Editing platform

New Layout/Editing platform

The new layout and editing platform is extremely difficult to work with. For a busy small business, I do not have the time to learn a new platform. If I did I would have switched to Mail Chimp. Perhaps, I should.

No way to tell what size images are.  You have to hope you uploaded three exactly the same, because you can't find any place to tell you what it is. If you accidentally drag it smaller or larger, you have no way of telling when you've returned to default.
And as nearly as I can tell, no way to turn of tracking on image links?  Our clients are not allowed to click on links with tracking attached.  Used to be able to turn them off. 

And like you, if I had wanted Mail Chimp-ness, I would be using that service - which I do use for another organization, and hate it!


I just tried the new format and agree it is just difficult to try and, once again, learn a new format.   I couldn't figure out how to change the background color doesn't have my links saved anymore and have to re-enter them in again....too much work for a small business .....I had the same complaint when CC change the last time and was never satisfied with that but stuck with it.  Will look for a better option for my business need and my comfort level.

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Agree with a lot of these complaints, but please don't delude yourselves into thinking that the other ESPs don't redesign their interfaces. They ALL are doing it, from what I can tell. Definitely Mailchimp is.

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Thank you everyone for the feedback. I know switching to a new editor can be difficult. If you need further assistance or help using the new editor we can have someone form support reach out to you.

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Not happy with new interface. Can't add padding to image and can't have an image embedded in a text email without it cowering in the corner. Cross.