New Layout/Editing platform

The new layout and editing platform is extremely difficult to work with. For a busy small business, I do not have the time to learn a new platform. If I did I would have switched to Mail Chimp. Perhaps, I should.
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I just tried the new format and agree it is just difficult to try and, once again, learn a new format.   I couldn't figure out how to change the background color doesn't have my links saved anymore and have to re-enter them in again....too much work for a small business .....I had the same complaint when CC change the last time and was never satisfied with that but stuck with it.  Will look for a better option for my business need and my comfort level.

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Agree with a lot of these complaints, but please don't delude yourselves into thinking that the other ESPs don't redesign their interfaces. They ALL are doing it, from what I can tell. Definitely Mailchimp is.


Thank you everyone for the feedback. I know switching to a new editor can be difficult. If you need further assistance or help using the new editor we can have someone form support reach out to you.

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