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New Platform for creating campaigns

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New Platform for creating campaigns

Hi appreciate the new changes however from the My Campaigns page when you click on the thumbnail to preview your email we use to be able to see the subject line and the email in it's entirety now you cannot. Also, I wasn't aware of a the new format where the subject line is pre-populated for themes nor the pre-populated preheader. While I get the use of it, if you are not quick to catch (like I did) I sent something out to my clients that I did not want them to see. Perhaps you can change those fields so that instead have Field Instructions: Optional instructions that help the user fill in the field but not fill in the field for the customer. Also can you bring back the subject line in the preview that way you can catch any errors on the subject line. Thanks
CTCT Employee
Status changed to: Certified Great Idea

@SYMCNY  Thank you for the feedback this is a great idea. I have passed your request on to the product team. The functionality exists in any campaign created in the previous editor and would be useful to have included in the current editor.   Thank you again.

Regular Advisor
Very important to bring the subject line back. Sometimes when writing reports on our campaigns, I call attention to specific ones that have interesting data, but I can't quickly see in the list of reports what the subject lines were. Very time consuming to have to keep clicking and clicking to get the info you need. Way more used to be offered on a single screen.