New custom HTML interface

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New custom HTML interface

Two things missing: 1 - view as webpage option 2 - Pre-header option. The rest is very nice. I like the live preview in page.
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The new custom code editor no longer appears to support 1) text-only versions of emails, and 2) a checkbox that adds a "Have trouble viewing this email? Click here" link to custom emails. We need both for our custom email campaigns. We've found where we can get to the old custom code editor (where these features are still available), but if this old editor gets phased out, we will no longer be able to access these features. Can you add them to the new custom code editor?
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Thank you for your feedback! Those would both be very nice additions. 


In the meantime, if you need to manually code a preheader you can add this code at the top of the body of your HTML and customize the text to your liking:


<div style="display:none; display:none !important; color:transparent; line-height:1px; max-height:0px; max-width:0px; opacity:0; overflow:hidden; visibility:hidden; height:0; width:0; mso-hide:all; font-size:0px;">This is a preheader</div>
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Thank you for that feedback. I'll pass this along.


For the text-only version of the email, we do attempt to create a text-only version of your email from the original in case we need to deliver a text-only version to a particular email. However, I can see how having control over that would be helpful in case you're doing anything differently in the text-only version.




What the heck happened to the "view as webpage" option? Mine no longer even has it and I need it. It has always worked perfectly, now with your "new custom code" deal it isn't working. While this is only partially related to the original question/issue was, I guess I'm voting that I need view as a webpage, but certainly agree with the OP that it of course needs to work right. In the old version (for instance used in December of 2019), it was an option and the text was customizable. Now I don't see an option at all, which sucks. Signed, Confused...


Hi @JosephC thank you for sharing your feedback on this! Having the "view as webpage" link in our updated custom code editor is a feature request our product team is currently collecting feedback on. In fact I have moved over your post from its original thread into the correct thread for this request.