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New layout of the email editing site

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New layout of the email editing site

The new dashboard looks great! But when I edit emails, the layout of the site is left-aligned to the screen---ALL THE WAY TO THE LEFT!! It is very uncomfortable to work with. I have a wide screen monitor at work, so I have to either move myself toward left, which is not very doable because of how my desk is set up; move my monitor to the right, which I really don't want to do, because I have another monitor on my right side; or pop out the editing site into another window and make it narrower, which I don't want to do, either, because it gets buried under multiple of software windows I use. Is there anyway I can bring the editing panels back to the center again?
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Please center the template in the new format!  I just logged in and fount it completely flush left.  I have a very large monitor and the template is now off to the side.  Not freindly to work in at all.  Thank you.

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