New look is a disaster

I really do not appreciate the new look. The first page after login is unhelpful. I've never quite seen anything so bad! There should be a common toolbar, as before, to quickly access all settings, options etc. Why change something to make it worse?? I now have to click on 'Contacts Growth Tools' to get where I want. At least that's the way I found. Current layout is not evident, intuitive or user friendly.


You would be much better advised to spend your time improving the email editing experience than playing around with the visuals. The editing experience is always lacking, and does not seem to get the attention.


I am not averse to change, but change with the result of degradation of user experience is counter productive.


A paid customer for many years, I join some others here in saying I will start looking at alternatives if there's not some serious improvement.


I am trying to get a newsletter finished and sent out. Getting terribly frustrated with the new email creation system. Noone available to help on a Sunday. Too many restrictions on the layouts. For example, I just want to add text next to a video. Shouldn't be so hard.... Or are you suggesting that I should layout everything vertical? No more side by side because people are looking on their phones?

Not having fun. Will definitely be exploring other marketing services.

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I don't think it is a disaster, I mean the word shows too much bad feeling. We should say its look is not as great as the old one :). Anw, I think user can easily work in here, that's main point.

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I feel like every time you rework the interface you make it harder and take longer to do things. I agree with pretty much everything people have said in this thread, including there are some issues I had not even discovered yet that I know will cause me problems when the issue comes up.


Also strongly agree with the commenters who say you should focus more on functionality than aesthetics of the interface. What good are aesthetics if they don't allow you do do what you need to do.


The new interface is clumsy and hard to use! Please go back to the old one! There was actually nothing wrong with it, it worked and was fairly easy to use. The new one is just bad!

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Block toolbar in a campaign floats down as you work inside the block; however, you can't access the top of the toolbar (to save, undo, etc.) unless you scroll all the way up to the top of the campaign document. Very inefficient and time consuming - what's the point of floating the toolbar if you can't access it entirely? Please fix. Thanks.



I don't know if it matters or not, but the new format for developing a constant contact is horrible.  I don't like to use the word "hate", however, I hate this new format.  It's hard to work in and does not give as many options as the old format or at least I have not been able to figure that part out.  I don't have a window of time to sit down with a tutorial and figure out this new formatting.  I have found myself going back to old constant contacts and using that template to develop new ones.  Please go back to the old way or make it more user friendly.  I use constant contacts weekly and multiple ministries at our church also use constant contact weekly.  We have an average of 3 to 5 constant contacts going out weekly and don't have the time to "fight" with this new format.


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Time to renew my request for elimination of the "new" interface.  How about giving us the option to use the old one? I have really tried to get used to the "new" interface, and it is just NOT working.  It wastes my valuable time.


Complaint No. 2:  The editor is ADDING html when I put in my html.  I then need to go back and re-edit the html I just created - AND WHICH LOOKED FINE - when I created it.


Please help.

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I am baffled by what people are saying here, about how they have to edit the html. I would be happy if CC would even let us get to the html, which has been outlawed in the 3rd gen editor.


Maybe I could live with it, if pasting text into the wysiwyg worked properly but it really doesn't.


And I'm not sure really what is the purpose of bringing it up in this forum, since all we get is "that's a good idea, we'll put in a request for you" when it has pretty clearly already been decided not to allow certain features for fear of "breaking" the mobile accessibility.


Does anyone know if ANY of the things people have raised about features lost in the 3rd generation editor have been restored by Constant Contact???

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For Julie,

I have been using a CC editor for years that allows html access. Open a chat window during weekday business hours and ask about how they can get you html access.

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very clumsy to work with, time consuming to use, a step backwards.

I agree !

Just keep it simple.

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Well here it is - 2020.  Four years ago CC rolled out a new interface. In 2016 it was called a "disaster" - Guess what?  In 2020 it is still a disaster.  I have NOT become used to using it.  Now I despise it. It is almost as bad as dealing with the California Department of Motor Vehicles - and believe me - that is NOT a compliment. The interface is "All Show - And No Go".  Please, please, please FIX IT!

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