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hi -- i work on emails for about 20 people at a time. it would be great while in the create email view to scroll to the next campaign without having to hit Campaigns go out of that email and then select the next email in your queue. it would save me so much time!!! thanks for listening. 

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Hi @CindyS5607  how would you expect a feature like this to work in your account? Would you expect an next button or a drop-down menu to select which campaign to use? Would you want to only view draft emails or sent emails as well when scrolling?

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thanks Frankie_P for responding. i would love either a next button or down carrot like you find on your phone emails. if you look in my account right now i have 16 unfiled drafts that i will be changing content for all and then sending out. So if i was in the top-most draft i could do all of the changes, send my preview, save and go to the next draft on the list without leaving that screen. i would use it for draft emails. i could only see it working for sent emails if there was a way to copy it from the edit screen. thanks again!

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Thanks for clarifying! We'll open this idea up for voting from other users as well.

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