Not allowing you to schedule an email for the past

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I recently spent a significant time on a Newsletter. Unfortunately, when I scheduled it, I selected the wrong date (today's date) therefore, the email was sent immediately. Constant Contact should not allow an email campaign to be scheduled for the PAST. I am a user for nearly 10 years and am honestly shocked that this happened. I understand human error, but something should have popped up signifying "You cannot schedule an email in the past, please pick a time for the future." Pretty basic stuff here. 


Thank you for listening, and more importantly, thank you for continuing to use customers feedback to improve your product. 


Thank you,




Hey @HeatherB161,


We are able to confirm that choosing the "Send later" option and choosing a time in the past should result in the "Please select a future date" message.2017-01-20_0942.png


Status changed to: Closed - No Action
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