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One design for PC and Mobile

One design for PC and Mobile

If possible, I would like to suggest that you incorporate a default mobile newsletter that bases its layout from the "In this issue" side bar on newsletters. For example, I could design my regular newsletter that has content and photos and when I send, your program would recognize if it is being opened on a pc or smartphone/tablet. If it is a pc, it is as is. If it is a smartphone, it would show the logo/top header, then the "in this issue" block, a designated photo, and then the stay connected block. Please let me know when CC will have the capability to be more dynamic in providing both mobile and pc versions within the same scheduled campaign. Thank you!

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I'd like to see more mobile friendly options that are seasonal, have more color, variety of layouts, etc. Right now it seems like the only options are black/gray or red and very minimal layout options.
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Thanks for this feedback Bethany! Will send in your request for more themes for mobile. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any other details or feedback to give us!

I agree with Bethany and tried to vote for this idea but my vote wasn't captured. Please, please, please add more colorful, SINGLE column, mobile-friendly templates. I just attended a webinar which stated 50% of emails are now read on mobile devises, and this number is growing. Constant Contact team, please be proactive here and not reactive! Thanks!


Thanks for sharing this feedback!

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Is there anything,currently, that I can use in regards to detting up a newsletter campaign that delivers two different versions of the newsletter depending on whether it is opened by a pc or smartphone?



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Most other email clients I have come across have responsive templates with a right or left sidebar that stacks underneath the main body content when viewed on mobile. 


At this point ALL of constant contacts email template should be mobile responsive or built for mobile first. There shouldn't be any templates that cannot respond for mobile. 



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Many of the ones they claim to be responsive don't even work.


I've reported it and never got a response.


Thanks for this post!



@MaryF121  Your account actually is set up with only responsive templates in the newest editor. You won't come across any that don't stack by default. Of course, there are situations in which the responsive action can be broken but we've made it pretty difficult to get into this situation. If you have content in a sidebar it would line up on top of the content in the main area of the email rather than stay with the side bar content. Thanks for sharing this feedback though, I can see how making this clearer would help!



Sorry to hear this, can you tell me more about whats happening? Just a note, you have a different editor than Mary so not all of the templates available to you are responsive. You actually have a mix of none mobile, responsive and mobile friendly templates in your account. 


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