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Option to follow up based on responses from RSVP block

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Hi, it would also be great to be able to send out RSVP, then send a REMINDER for the same thing and have consolidated results. If thats even possible. Thanks

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Hey @AmandaK262, thanks for your feedback! Are you wanting to be able to setup an email that automatically sends out to those who RSVP'd a few days before the event? With that, I just want to confirm that you'd want the reporting to be nested within the original campaign's. Is that correct? 

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When I use the RSVP block in email #1 announcing an event, some people will RSVP. When I send a 'reminder' email to the same event, it would be great if we could flag it in the background as a 'reminder' and the responses will be consolidated in the reporting.


Second comment is that if there are more than one RSVP blocks in the same email, if the reporting could handle those together, ie. 'export results from one, export results from all together'. I gave the example 'Are you coming to my event?' and 'Can bring beer' or 'Bringing +1', or there could be any number of reasons to use a 2nd block, or even 3rd.


The idea of a rsvp reminder is fine, which is generating the rsvp list into an email list. Would be handy.




@AmandaK262 thanks for the additional information! I'm going to open this idea up for voting as I understand having the RSVP's linked between emails would make organizing the event much easier. We do offer an integration with EventBrite, which would help consolidate the reporting and registrants. This might be something you'd be interested in, however, I'll definitely be providing this feedback to our teams. 





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