Outlook Issue Fix Date?

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Hi, Recently a rep told me by phone that you're working on applying a patch so that a bug being experienced in Outlook 16 will get fixed. The campaign on our background (dark blue) is often randomly showing through via lines in various parts of our layout (which is white), though we do not see it when building our campaigns. It shows up in tests (sometimes) and the actual emails sent (sometimes). This is getting very difficult to work with, and is not a good reflection of our brand. Can someone tell me when this will be fixed? Thank you. Teri Sturm, Lakeshore Technical College
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Hey @Lakeshore_Technical_College, thanks for reaching out! Regarding the issue where the background color tends to 'bleed' through the content of your email, we've done a great amount of research on this issue and have found that this is a defect within Outlook 2016. We are tracking this issue and Microsoft's progress on this, however, we are unable to correct this issue on our end. We are definitely looking into workarounds that we can implement on our side, however, we'll ultimately need to wait for Microsoft to resolve this issue. 


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These lines are still showing up -- have you had any progress with Microsoft?




Hi @Lakeshore_Technical_College. I'm sorry that I do not have any information or updates to share as this is a change that must be made on Microsoft's end. If we hear anything, we will let you know. 

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We are closing this idea due to limitations posed by the email client for a fix. If we receive any updates, we will post in this thread. 

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If you've been using Constant Contact for some time, you've probably noticed or now noticing random lines appearing in your email - that weren't there when you creating. Sound familiar? 


Our team has been working and researching how to get rid of these stubborn divider lines to finally send out our Newsletter. If you're at this point, I understand.


The Customer Support Team answers that there are no fixes, as this is a bug within Microsoft Outlook.


Here is what finally worked!

Under 'Design' you'll see 'Buttons & Dividers' with a color choice next to it. Change that color to your background color to match. Don't forget to 'Save'. Send a test email to yourself first, just to be safe, and you will find no lines - however; they are still there, but they are the same color as your background...witty huh? 

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Unprofessional looking when the campaign has random lines all in it. I was told this is due to viewing the campaign using Outlook, you'd think by now CC would figure out a solution as Outlook is among the popular email platforms. How can we send out campaigns when we're unsure of how they will be changed based off the platform you're using. I was told there's basically nothing CC can do about it....
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