Over 10 Years of Great Service!!!!

My online business has been with Constant Contact for over 10 years now. I'm the webmaster and the person who does all the emails. Before Constant Contact, I sent out every email by hand - an extremely painful and slow job! We've grown from 500 contacts to almost 13,000 contacts, which would never have been manageable before Constant Contact. We send 2-3 emails per month with ease, which brings in about 33% of our gross sales - all thanks to Constant Contact! 


I write the code for our emails, so I don't use the CC html editor (templates). I wrote my own template, loaded it into the advanced editor, and use it for each email. But when I do occasionally use a template, it works as well or better than any other html editor. CC has increased the templates and editing capacity of the html editor vastly over the last decade. Sure, each change brings a little bit of discomfort learning to use something new on the website, but this is the tech world! Change is constant and, in the end, it gives us more choices. 


I have checked out other email campaign companies to see if I could save some money, but the quality was very poor. Their html editors rewrote my hand-written code and corrupted it. The other html editors were harder to use with less WYSIWYG than CC's.  So I stayed with CC where the advanced editor saves my hand-written code as clean and pristine as I write it, without adding even a piece of white space or a single html tag.


So from me, and my online business, a huge thanks to Constant Contact for giving us such reliable, high quality service for more than a decade! You have my loyalty, tested by time and experience, and earned by your hard work. 



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