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Overlay text on image

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Hello Constant Contact team! I've read many posts about the need for a tool that allows everyday users and designers ( who don't code )  overlay an image with responsive text. I'm not talking about the embedding + rasterizing of text you currently provide. I can do that easily in Photoshop. We need something like your brown Thanksgiving template that has real, editable HTML text on top of the festive image.  Unfortunately,  I got totally derailed by it, because I don't think you can actually replace that image  - unless you start perhaps diving deeper into the code. I believe you even voted on this feature in 2018. Any updates? My entire office and the big clients that we're serving (and who use your platform) all vote YES! Thank you.

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Hi @RobertL4222 it is possible to add alt text and image descriptions when creating an email! Does this tool not fit your needs?

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