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PDF Upload Auto Image Creation

PDF Upload Auto Image Creation

Hi Constant,

I regularly upload about 10 pdfs to use in my emails due to having multiple versions of our newsletter.  You have recently added a function that creates an automatic, one page jpg preview of the pdf.  In the past, I could simply drop all 10 files and they would upload.  With your new function, I cannot as the page regularly gets stuck and loops.  All I see is a Waiting for Cache message on the bottom status.  While this is a novel idea, I really dislike it because I do not use your auto-created image anyway.  Please roll this code back OR ad the option to make it optional so I can turn it off.  I cannot drop two pdfs due to it freezing.  While I am sure this was well intentioned, the process is not working for my account and I would like to remove it.





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Hey @EricW06, I appreciate your feedback and apologize that this is occurring. It's definitely not an intended response when uploading PDF documents and we're currently working on resolving this bug. We are looking to gather more information on affected PDF's , specifically how they are being created. If you know how those PDF documents are being made, would you be able to let me know that process? Some users have created them from web pages, Microsoft Word documents, etc. 


Thanks so much!

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for writing back.  The PDFs I am loading are created by merging several jpg's into a single pdf file.





I would also like to see the auto create function optional on a global basis.  I don't use it, and don't like having to wait for the image to be created only to delete it.  PDF's with a lot of graphics in them get hung up, and I can't get them to load without going to different browser.  I normally use Firefox.

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Thanks for the information, @EricW06! I'm going to open this idea for voting. 

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Same here.  I can no longer upload multiple PDFs as I used to do because it wants to create an image out of every one.  I do not need images; if I did, then I would use the option that was there in the previous editor to create ones only for specific files. Please rollback this change

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When I upload PDFs, I often need to upload 20 or more at a time. With the MANDATORY creation of the thumbnails it takes a very long time to get the job done. Sometimes , like just now, it hung and took so long I had to leave CC and come back. I detest these mandatory thumbnails and would like it to be an OPTION. I not only have to wait for them to be created, I then have to take the time to delete each one before saving my PDFs. Please give us the option of creating the thumbnails