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Hi, can you develop a way to turn the newsletter into a PDF where the links still work? (The formatting doesn't always copy over exactly as well). We send the PDF out to our entire agency and post to our website - but not having working links is a big problem. Thanks.
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Hi @AmyT865

Thanks for posting. When you include a document link within your email the links within the PDF should still work. Do you have an example of one of these PDFs that don't work?

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Hi. I am not trying to insert a document link within my campaign. I am trying to turn my entire email newsletter campaign - with all its various links - into a PDF. When I go to "preview" in my email campaign and click on "view printable version" and then click "print" and select "Adobe PDF" (to turn it into a PDF), all the links I had established in the newsletter doc disappear. Any thoughts?


Hi @AmyT865

The only workaround to have the working links would be to recreate the email as the template. Do you use a similiar design with every email? If so, this could be something you just copy and paste the content into!

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